Corgi Butt Mouse Pad

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Personalise your computer or laptop setup with our Corgi Butt Mouse Pad. The Corgi Booty Mouse Pad features a funny, adorable corgi face with an extra cushioned wrist pad. It’s designed for optimum comfort with a unique design to make you smile while you work. You can press the booty to remove stress.

No more wrist pain from using too much mouse. Comfortable Corgi Butt will give your wrist rest!

The soft cushion conforms to your wrist for maximum comfort and support. It reduces wrist irritation and wrist pain. Keeps your wrist in a neutral position for ergonomic comfort. Long term wrist pain by using a normal plain mouse pad can even cause Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Our mouse pad couldn’t provide a better way to rest your wrist when using your computer or laptop. Very comfortable and cute!

Environmentally Friendly Corgi Booty Mouse Pad

Made of Polyurethane (PU) bottom + Lycra fabric + Silicon gel. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe to use. Highly durable and long term use. No smell.

Annoyed of slipping mouse pad? Not anymore with Skid and Non Slip Corgi Butt

The soft non-skid PU base grips the desktop firmly. It keeps the mouse pad from sliding on the desktop. It will never move from your desktop until you peel it off.

Easy to clean Corgi Booty pad, spill proof!

Honestly tell me, how many times you spilled your food or beverage over your desktop? Now with our Corgi Booty mouse pad, any food or slight spills comes off effortlessly with a damp paper towel. Can it get anymore safer to use without worrying about eating food while you play games or binge watch shows?

Highlights or Key Features

  • 3D design
  • Adorable face display
  • Extra cushioned wrist pad
  • 3 colour options to choose from – Corgi Mix, Butt Blue, Booty Pink
  • Dimensions: 26cm x 21.8cm

This corgi dog mouse pad is pawfect for all the corgi dog lovers in the world. It makes a good gift for someone who loves corgi breed dogs. It is very high durable and long lasting.


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